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LedgerEdge is a corporate bond search and execution ecosystem that removes barriers to trading by providing the tools and rules required for counterparties to search and transact with confidence

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Featured / 01.05.21 Featured Pin The bond venue using blockchain technology to plug leaks

The LedgerEdge trading system aims to stop prices moving against users requesting quotes in larger sizes.


LedgerEdge appoints Michelle Neal as CEO of US Operation

LedgerEdge, the next-generation ecosystem for trading, announces the appointment of Michelle Neal as CEO of US operations.


The time has come for digital adoption in the corporate bond markets

Our CEO and Co-Founder David Nicol argues that the time has come for digital adoption in the corporate bond markets in this comment piece for FI Desk. As an industry, we need to create a more functional secondary market for corporate bonds, especially illiquid ones.


Fireside chat with Michelle Neal

In our latest webinar Michelle Neal, LedgerEdge’s new CEO of US operations, talked to Ellie Brennan about the differences between US and European electronic markets and how she sees them evolving over the next three to five years. Michelle also discusses how clients can benefit from the advances of distributed ledger technology through LedgerEdge without full-scale adoption and LedgerEdge’s principles around data ownership and control.