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LedgerEdge is a corporate bond search and execution ecosystem that removes barriers to trading by providing the tools and rules required for counterparties to search and transact with confidence

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LedgerEdge gives you control.

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Find opportunities and see clearly in a market mapped securely by distributed ledger technology.

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Featured / 01.05.21 Featured Pin The bond venue using blockchain technology to plug leaks

The LedgerEdge trading system aims to stop prices moving against users requesting quotes in larger sizes.


Data standardisation: why ICMA is right to define best practise for bond pricing and distribution

LedgerEdge CEO David Nicol argues that opaque data with unclear commitment has been a cost of doing business, but we now have the opportunity to standardise data in an ecosystem.


The DESK’s Trading Intentions Survey 2021

“A notable new addition this year is LedgerEdge which is expected to offer an ‘ecosystem’ for bond trading rather than a specific platform, yet is clearly anticipated as providing more pre-trade transparency in the future.”