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News / 28.04.21

DLT technology in the corporate bond market: The End User Unlocked

Robert Bose, CTO of LedgerEdge evaluates distributed ledger technology as the basis of seeing a shared version of the truth in corporate bond trading.

News / 08.04.21

The Human Element

Charlie Gibson, Business Development Director at LedgerEdge, writes about the importance of human interaction and a user-centric design

News / 01.04.21

Customer Webinar

Bob Bose, our CTO, and Richard Gendal Brown, R3's CTO, who will cover a number of themes related to Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) including the benefits of this architecture as a means to control data flows with technical security. We will also discuss new additions to the R3 product suite including the recently announced Conclave.

News / 02.03.21

Fair game: achieving desired outcomes from the right trading incentives

Financial markets are set up like a game, a game played by exchanging data and executing trades.

News / 01.02.21

LedgerEdge picks Yaala Labs as global tech partner

The partnership will enable LedgerEdge to launch a global corporate bond trading venue built on distributed ledger technology, expected in the second half of 2021.

Press / 12.01.21 Press Pin

Ripe for evolution: designing a new trading model from scratch

David Nicol, CEO of LedgerEdge argues for a new, more nuanced and logical trading ecosystem for the corporate bond market


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