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Featured / 20.07.21 Featured Pin

LedgerEdge appoints Michelle Neal as CEO of US Operation

LedgerEdge, the next-generation ecosystem for trading, announces the appointment of Michelle Neal as CEO of US operations.

Uncategorized / 18.08.21

Fireside chat with Michelle Neal

In our latest webinar Michelle Neal, LedgerEdge’s new CEO of US operations, talked to Ellie Brennan about the differences between US and European electronic markets and how she sees them evolving over the next three to five years. Michelle also discusses how clients can benefit from the advances of distributed ledger technology through LedgerEdge without full-scale adoption and LedgerEdge’s principles around data ownership and control.

Uncategorized / 29.07.21

DeFi: The future of market infrastructure

David Nicol, CEO of LedgerEdge, claims the potential for Decentralized Finance to improve the corporate bond market is enormous. Is it time to take the next step?

Uncategorized / 28.07.21

How can financial institutions harness emerging technology?

In our latest webinar, Stephane Malrait, Global Head of Market Structure and Innovation for Financial Markets at ING, discusses the evolution of distributed ledger technology, its power to improve modern workflows, and how to balance the short-term needs of the trading desk with the long-term planning required for digital transformation.

Featured / 30.06.21 Featured Pin

Market Engagement Series – June

This event is intended to update you on our latest progress and give you in-depth information on our product, followed by a different interview each month.

News / 19.05.21

Data standardisation: why ICMA is right to define best practise for bond pricing and distribution

LedgerEdge CEO David Nicol argues that opaque data with unclear commitment has been a cost of doing business, but we now have the opportunity to standardise data in an ecosystem.


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