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News / 19.05.21

Data standardisation: why ICMA is right to define best practise for bond pricing and distribution

LedgerEdge CEO David Nicol argues that opaque data with unclear commitment has been a cost of doing business, but we now have the opportunity to standardise data in an ecosystem.

News / 12.05.21

The DESK’s Trading Intentions Survey 2021

“A notable new addition this year is LedgerEdge which is expected to offer an ‘ecosystem’ for bond trading rather than a specific platform, yet is clearly anticipated as providing more pre-trade transparency in the future.”

News / 05.05.21

The Trade: Blockchain bond platform LedgerEdge begins software testing ahead of launch

Start-up corporate bond trading platform LedgerEdge has integrated the functional testing software from Exactpro to ensure its operational resiliency ahead of its launch later this year.

Featured / 01.05.21 Featured Pin The bond venue using blockchain technology to plug leaks

The LedgerEdge trading system aims to stop prices moving against users requesting quotes in larger sizes.

News / 28.04.21

DLT technology in the corporate bond market: The End User Unlocked

Bob Bose, CTO of LedgerEdge evaluates distributed ledger technology as the basis of seeing a shared version of the truth in corporate bond trading.

News / 11.04.21

Customer Webinar: Charlie Gibson & Alex Lushnikov

Charlie Gibson, LedgerEdge director of Business Development and Alex Lushnikov, Portfolio Manager at Mirabaud take a deep dive into some of the components of our next generation trading ecosystem.


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